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Marriage Pointers

Designed to help you intentionally move your marriage towards being God honoring and healthy

Many Christians wonder if they should move toward marriage or embrace the kind of single life the apostle Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 7.

Most of us are called to marriage. It’s the natural design for fulfilling our drive for companionship and sexuality.

Few seasons in life are filled with as much joy and anticipation as the time spent preparing to get married but you shouldn't forget to plan your marriage as you…

No one plans to become a broken family or a miserable couple.  How can believers become intentional about building a God-honoring marriage?

Couples that are contemplating starting a family will be confronted with a materialistic and leisure-focused culture that tends to dwell on the challenges more than the joys of parenthood.

Whether you’ve recently had a new baby or counting down to your due date, you’ve likely noticed that parenthood is an entirely different world.